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So, today I made cupcakes! First time I've baked anything that didn't come from a packet since I was at school. I was inspired by the International Cupcake Day at hih_greathall, and of course, I took a whole bunch of pictures!

Okay, first step was to prepare the muffin tin (house unity colours of course):

I was slightly too excited about making cupcakes and really yanked one of the bowls out of the cupboard, resulting in this:

Oops. One broken juicer. Luckily we have another one. Okay, so, next step was to start preparing ingredients:

Mixing sugar and butter together is harder than it looks:

But it came together in the end once the eggs had been added:

Then it was time to put the flour and cocoa powder in:

Sifted, of course:

A lot of beating, and some milk, later, the batter is finally mixed and in the cases:

While the cakes were in the oven, I made a start on the buttercream frosting:

Pepper came to supervise this part of the process:

I had no vanilla extract to flavour the buttercream. So I improvised:

Time to take the cakes out! They look quite good actually:

I added some blue food colouring to the icing:

The finished product:

And a close up. Decorated with pink sugar crystals:

They're actually yummy too! =D
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