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Scrapbook: 2009

Okay, because I never really keep a record of anything during the year, I decided I'm gonna have a go this year. And keep the record here in this entry. My desktop and lj layouts aren't likely to change too much, but I will keep a record of it this time. I might add more categories to this later. Wish me luck!
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Since: 2008 - 30th Jan

Since: 30th Jan - 7th Mar

Since: 7th Mar - ???

Past Lj Layouts

Jan 15th:

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made by bonjourchaleur

made by bonjourchaleur

made by bonjourchaleur

Main Fandoms

McFly (Pairings: Harry/Dougie, Tom/Danny)

McFly (Pairings: Harry/Dougie, Tom/Danny)

McFly (Pairings: Harry/Dougie, Tom/Danny)
Ouran High School Host Club


2nd Jan - "I'm wondering why I only got half dressed this morning" - my brother, the fool who was wearing his pj top with a pair of sweat bottoms
4th Jan - "I didn't know Tom was Miss England" - Kerry on finding out that Danny Jones is apparently going out with Miss England
4th Jan - "Wow, Tom scrubs up well!" - Kerry on seeing a picture of Miss England lol
11th Jan - "My arse does something in life!" - Jess from hockey after the puck hit her in the ass and gave us a nice rebound to score from

1st Feb - "I'm just going to bend over and let them rape me today!" - Brock from hockey, who wasn't feeling well at all (but still scored two goals) referring to how last time we played Sheffield they put three players on her at all times

29th Mar - "You big girl's eyebrows!" - Jacob (Julie's son), trying to insult someone but messing up the phrase 'you big girl's blouse' lol XD Bless him, he's only 4!

4th Apr - "No tunnels" - me when I was buying my ear expanders and the girl offered me tunnels with holes in (it was one of those 'you had to be there' moments)


Ugly Betty
One Tree Hill


Ouran High School Host Club

Danny Moments

Feb 10th - At training, I skated to the mirror to check out my lip (which was bleeding). But I did that without fastening my skates up, so when I turned around to go back to my seat...my lace got caught under my wheel and I just kind of collapsed to the floor. I was so glad I was alone in the changing room
Feb 19th - Talking to Tanya at work about barbecued food and she said something about if you marinate chicken in lemon or vinegar, it keeps it moist. I don't like lemon chicken, but instead of saying I wouldn't marinate anything in lemon, I said "Oh, I wouldn't laminate my chicken in lemon." Of course, Tanya laughed at me. I was rather embarrassed.


Feb 12th - Reemer @ Newcastle Academy - we didn't go because of the bloody snow =(
Mar 10th - You Me At Six @ Newcastle Academy - brilliant night! The queue was massive, but when we got inside, YM@6 were awesome and we really enjoyed it. I love Josh's voice.

Hockey Moments

Jan 3rd - I'm currently #3 in the top 10 points scorers of the league.

Jan 11th - I got kicked out of the game against Sheffield after retaliating in kind to a girl who'd hit me in the head with her stick - not good
Jan 19th - We went top of the league yesterday after beating Nottingham 2-1 with 8 players! Woot!

Feb 1st - We're still top of the league after beating Sheffield 5-2, and I didn't get any penalties in my first game back! =D

Mar 29th - We won the league after beating Sheffield 7-1! \o/

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2nd Jan - Emma is watching D2 and loving it!
4th Jan - Emma is not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow =(
10th Jan - Emma can't wait to play Sheffield tomorrow
11th Jan - Emma can't believe she got kicked out against Sheffield for the 3rd time!!! Canny pleased about the result though.
19th Jan - Emma was gutted she couldn't play yesterday but is proud of the way the girls played and won the game!
Jan 23rd - Emma is looking forward to getting back on the ice next week - bring on Sheffield!!
Jan 25th - Emma is trying to decide what colour to dye her hair...
Jan 29th - Emma is about to go and start dying her hair...hope it goes right!
Jan 29th - Emma now has vampire red hair...woop!!

1st Feb - Emma didn't get ANY penalties against Sheffield today =P woop woop!!
2nd Feb - Emma is on the bus to work and is happy it's moving this time!!
2nd Feb - Emma is gutted her dad gave her sledge away - she could be out on it now!!
5th Feb - Emma is going to adopt a monkey and call it Randy.
9th Feb - Emma is ecstatic that Blink are back!! =D
Feb 18th - Emma is waiting to go to training.
28th Feb - Emma just booked mystery McFly tickets at Newcastle City Hall...hope they're good seats!

5th Mar - Emma is very confused
5th Mar - Emma is trying to stay awake while watching Skins!
8th Mar - Emma is in the middle of dying her hair...again!
12th Mar - Emma is kinda starving and bored...
14th Mar - Emma is waiting for the Man Utd/Liverpool match. Come on Utd!
14th Mar - Emma is gutted with the result, but it's just a blip and Utd will still win the league!!
15th Mar - Emma is going ice skating tomorrow =)
18th Mar - Emma has been fed and is looking forward to training =)
22nd Mar - Emma enjoyed the gym this morning =D
29th Mar - Emma is celebrating winning the league and wondering what to do with her day off tomorrow...
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