December 8th, 2007

Danny: !

Prompt tables

Okay this is blatantly stolen from juddpoynter (eventually). But, here are my prompt tables. I will write standalone fics/ficlets/drabbles for each one. Feel free to pick whichever one you fancy, but please tell me what fandom and pairing you want me to write it for (for those who don't know, my fandoms are Mighty Ducks, Harry Potter, McFly (slash only) and wrestling), or I will just write a McFly fic since they are my main fandom right now. Right, onto the tables:

01. air02. beginnings03. curiosity04. dream05. earth
06. endings07. family08. familiar09. fear10. fire
11. friends12. garden13. hope14. instinct15. moon
16. new17. old18. running19. scent20. sky
21. smell22. sound23. strange24. sun25. taste
26. time27. touch28. trust29. truth30. water


01. bath02. beach03. blush04. candlelight 05. caress
06. chosen07. clandestine08. courtesan09. dress10. eternity
11. games12. glove13. lace14. letters15. make a wish
16. one17. paris18. rescue19. rings20. rose
21. satin22. sin23. sirens24. tainted25. temptation
26. tomorrow27. tryst28. two29. velvet30. whisper

I'll cross each prompt off as someone chooses it to try and avoid confusion. Have at it.

Edit: I've now added in links to the fics that have been written. The ones still crossed off are yet to be completed.