April 14th, 2009

HP: H/D smile

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:42 Bugger. Just realised I missed Chris Moyles' Quiz Show. Damn. #
  • 01:42 Bedtime. Night all! Hope you've all had a good Easter! #
  • 10:28 Laid in bed, about to get up to go to Catterick market. Should be fjn. Maybe cinema later. #
  • 10:29 That was supposed to be 'should be FUN' not fjn #
  • 11:54 Ok, so Catterick market isn't on so we're now driving around aimlessly. And I'm singing to Boyzone =/ #
  • 12:22 Just been to Leyburn. It was so boring. Back in the car now. #
  • 12:25 Just been in Leyburn. It was a boring little village. Back in the car now. #
  • 14:02 Back at home. Eating lunch - ham in tiger bun. Yum, yum. #
  • 15:08 Anyone who's been to the summer pops before...do the tickets sell out quite quickly? #
  • 15:49 twitpic.com/39i8m - Our turtle #
  • 15:51 twitpic.com/39ia7 - Somewhere in North Yorkshire. Taken on our drive today. #
  • 16:56 Been to Tesco to buy Ribena. Wanted Blueberry, but they only had Strawberry. Not sure if I like it, but bought it anyway. #
  • 20:29 Just jogged upstairs and my shorts fell down. How embarrassing. Luckily no-one was following me. Shower now. #
  • 21:01 Gonna watch last week's Inbetweener's episode on 4OD since I missed it on Thursday. Damn wrestling. #
  • 21:39 Contemplating whether to have a Creme Egg or just a regular bar of chocolate. Hmm. #
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