June 1st, 2009

HP: H/D smile

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:02 Ooh, this bit always reminds me of school... #
  • 00:29 Bedtime now? Maybe...if I can tear myself away from the movie... #
  • 00:39 Screw it, I might as well watch it all now. Another twenty minutes. #
  • 00:59 Okay, well Scream is over so I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Workout tomorrow morning, driving at lunchtime, then bbq for dinner. Woop! #
  • 10:20 Up later than I wanted to be. Gonna go do my workout so I can shower before driving. Still covered in sun cream and STILL don't have a tan! #
  • 11:53 Workout all done. Just time to fit in a shower and some lunch before hitting the road. Haha, look out people of Aycliffe! ;-) #
  • 12:36 Waiting for lunch. Hope it's ready before 1 so I can eat it before driving! #
  • 15:10 Driving over with. Didn't do too badly, but it'll take longer than 20 hours to pass I think. We'll see. #
  • 16:39 twitpic.com/6c59g - Sitting in the garden again. Patch has come out to join us today, bless her. #
  • 16:44 twitpic.com/6c5m9 - My setup in the garden - cherries, netbook and water. Perfect! #
  • 20:10 Just took an online practice theory test. Got 50 out of 50 right, which has to be a good sign for Wednesday, right? #
  • 22:48 Just put my fan on. First time this year, and I'm betting it won't be the last. It's not quite as powerful as I'd like though =( #
  • 23:21 Just starting to watch the Hollyoaks omnibus that I recorded today. Doubt I'm gonna be able to watch it all before bed though =/ #
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