June 5th, 2009

HP: H/D smile

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:59 Gah it's warm. I'm gonna go to bed now. I'm knackered. Night night twitterland x #
  • 09:54 I'm up. Gonna call into work for a few minutes today then I dunno what else. Driving lesson at 2.30 though. #
  • 11:12 Been to work and talked to people. Saw Graham which is always good. Going food shopping now. #
  • 12:19 Somehow managed to take a chunk out of my little finger while walking round Morrisons. Nice. It's covered in blood now. #
  • 14:25 Right. Time to go driving. I only have an hour's lesson though, so won't be long! #
  • 16:48 Just been looking at cars. Quite like the new Ford Ka but a bit too expensive for me =( #
  • 18:39 Why doesn't money grow on trees? =( #
  • 19:18 Mmm, I'd forgotten how nice blackberries were! #
  • 21:03 God I hate my freeview sometimes! Well...most of the time to be honest. It just doesn't work!!! #
  • 21:13 Ok, don't like any of them so far, but...Sophie could be amusing if she's really that dumb! #
  • 21:21 Hmm, undecided on this one yet. We'll see how he goes. #
  • 21:23 And I want to punch this one already. How cocky?! #
  • 21:27 Sophie looks a bit like Denise Van Outen...or is that just me? #
  • 21:43 Oh dear. Don't like Angel or Karly. So far, Cairon is my favourite. But...not by much. #
  • 21:44 Hmm. Maybe Marcus is better than Cairon. Lol. #
  • 22:04 Couple of new favourites - Sophia and Rodrigo seem quite alright. #
  • 22:04 Actually, nevermind that. Obligatory!geordie Charlie is my new favourite. Gotta support the locals! #
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