June 16th, 2009

HP: H/D smile

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:29 Just finished Eclipse. I think I'm gonna wait until tomorrow before I start on Breaking Dawn though. #
  • 00:41 Bedtime now. Workout in the morning, then...dunno what! Night night twitterlings x #
  • 09:21 Up and awake. Gonna do my workout and then have a nice shower. #
  • 12:31 Hmm. Thinking about lunch. I don't know what to have today. #
  • 13:48 Just had tuna salad (and a sausage roll) for lunch and now watching Inkheart. Flying monkeys and Brendan Fraser ftw! #
  • 15:43 Ooh thunder. It's about time! Gonna straighten my hair and then have a Harry Potter marathon I think! #
  • 16:29 Every time I think the thunder's finished, I see another flash of lightning! Ha! like just this second... #
  • 17:50 Woop! Figured out how to record from my old video recorder to my dvd recorder. I'm converting Byker Grove now! \o/ #
  • 18:13 Hee! Dec doing psychandrics! XD #
  • 20:05 Ah, the teen drama that is Byker Grove. I do miss the old days. It was so much better back in the 90's. #
  • 20:43 Was just tempted to put a turquoise streak in my hair. Almost gave in. But didn't. #
  • 21:38 Omg, just seen Emma Willis in an advert for Miss Selfridge/Ariel washing powder XD I love watching old videos XD #
  • 22:06 Mmm, peanut butter on toast. Yum! #
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