June 22nd, 2009

HP: H/D smile

Tweets of the Day

  • 02:17 Right, off to bed. Pretty tired. Night night twitterland x #
  • 10:20 Got up about 45 mins ago to give my dad his Father's Day presents before he took my bro to work. Now just chilling before hockey at 3. #
  • 10:49 Hollyoaks is soooo dramatic. *end sarcasm* I've figured out a way to get an iPhone. Just have to hope it works now! #
  • 12:41 Ham and Marmite. Yum yum! #
  • 13:48 Omg George Lamb, did you have to say that?! Ahahaha! Charlie from BB to be Ronaldo's WAG? Hilarious! #
  • 14:13 Off to hockey now. Hopefully there'll be more than me and Chrissy there. #
  • 15:00 So. At hockey and there's 3 of us. Great. Oh and Chrissy's not one of them lol. #
  • 16:32 Finished hockey. It was boring. Me and Smithy had a good chat though. #
  • 17:17 Watching Top Gear. Gonna get Breaking Dawn out again in a minute though. See if I can finish it tonight! #
  • 18:57 Mmm, yum, roast chicken dinner \o/ #
  • 19:33 Hmm. I'm torn between watching the new Top Gear or Supernanny... #
  • 20:55 Good lord. My mam is asking me how to spell 'excellent'. Shouldn't she know that at her age?! #
  • 21:49 Drinking Maltesers hot chocolate. Well...I will be when it cools down enough! #
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