Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:21 The kid in the Glade advert is weird...and who the hell is Paul?! #
  • 00:34 Right, bedtime now. Alarm goes off at 5.45am tomorrow. The joy of being back to work. *sigh* Night all! #
  • 07:10 On the way to work, listening to Thunderbirds. Gotta order tickets at 9am. Hope I manage it. Start humming Mission Impossible... #
  • 07:11 Someone on this bus smells rank and I hope to god it's not me... #
  • 13:06 Lunchtime. Back to my nice healthy salad for lunch. Yum. Booked McFly tickets this morning. Had them by 9am - woop!! #
  • 15:29 Just eaten a bag of Snack A Jacks and two Easter nest cakes. They were low fat though and very nice =) #
  • 17:57 On the bus home. Yet again, it stinks and my stomach is rumbling after seeing those pics of fish and chips! #
  • 19:09 Ahh, right. That's what I thought this morning - that surely blocks A-C couldn't have sold out that fast lol. I've had a look and omg! #
  • 19:28 I just stretched my left ear to 3mm. It's a bit sore now >.< My right one is only 2mm though =/ #
  • 20:32 On the way to training. Hope people are there o.O #
  • 22:14 On the way home fromtraining. Managed to get a few of the lads to sponsor me. Woop! #
  • 22:55 Just had a shower. Finally got the 3mm expander through my right ear. Now it's sore as hell >.< #
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    If so, can you please tell me how many installation discs were included in the Unleashed and Superstar expansion packs? Thanks! =)

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