Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 01:17 Bedtime now. I'm knackered and should have gone earlier >.< Night all! #
  • 09:39 Awake. Do I get up now? I think I probably should. Should really go to the gym too... #
  • 11:42 twitpic.com/45fwn - Off shopping and I'm wearing my old school Adidas shell toes coz I found them in the cupboard while looking f ... #
  • 13:21 Just had a bag of Marmite crisps and a Mr Kipling cake but I haven't had lunch yet...I'm doing things backwards today apparently. #
  • 14:10 About to go and make a corned beef toastie sandwich for lunch. Yum! #
  • 14:35 Ugh, a crumb has gone down the wrong way and now I can't stop coughing >.< #
  • 15:38 twitpic.com/45oqj - Question of the day - which shirt should I wear to see Ross Noble tonight? #
  • 17:58 I hear Harvey outside and McFly Greatest Hits Live is just about to come on 4Music - yay! #
  • 18:44 twitpic.com/45zol - My very healthy tea - Malaysian chicken, broccoli and spring onion mash - yum! #
  • 19:09 On the way to Ross Noble now. V. excited! #
  • 20:01 twitpic.com/464s7 - Ross Noble's set. Bit freaky! #
  • 21:11 Omg Ross Noble is hilarious. Many inappropriate jokes, but so funny. My face hurts from laughing so much. #
  • 22:56 Just out of the show. Bloody brilliant. I haven't laughed that hard in a while! #
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