Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:47 Another slow twitter day for me. Weird. Anyway, bedtime now. Night night twitterland x #
  • 06:58 On the way to work. Again. But I get to move teams today so it's all good! #
  • 07:22 After just making my bus this morning, I'm now running about twenty minutes early. How does that work?! #
  • 10:28 Breaktime. Moved teams this morning and I quite like my new desk! #
  • 13:10 Lunchtime. Nice salad. Morning's been alright too, so I'm a happy bunny today. Looking forward to hockey tonight. #
  • 17:58 On the way home. Starving. Looking forward to hockey. #
  • 18:52 Mmm, just had tea. Mince, carrots, sprouts, cabbage, mange tout and mustard mash! T'was yummy =D #
  • 21:15 Finally on the way to hockey. I think I might be a tad late =/ #
  • 23:39 Training was good. Plenty of D work. Need to pick my vote for Player's Player though. Hmm. #
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