Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:04 #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcflytosing #harrymcfl ... #
  • 00:45 Okay, I'm off to bed now. Gonna attempt to get up at 5am to do day 2 of the 30 day challenge. Wish me luck! Night night twitterland! x #
  • 05:11 I'm up and about to start my workout. I must be mad! #
  • 05:59 Workout done! Time for a shower now. #
  • 07:07 On the bus to work. How I wish I could go back to bed! #
  • 10:29 Breaktime. I still wish I could go home to bed. I'm so tired! #
  • 13:21 Lunchtime. Just in time too. Sleep is trying to take over! #harrymcflytosing #
  • 15:21 Breaktime. Two hours to go! Then time to attempt hockey =/ #
  • 17:40 Yay on the way home! Not much time to nap though before hockey. #harrymcflytosing #
  • 19:30 Why is chicken skin so tasty? >.< I love roast chicken. #
  • 19:42 Okay, off to try and skate. I don't think it'll go well. Wish me luck! #
  • 22:04 Managed to skate quite well considering my legs were fucked! #
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