Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 01:09 Damnit, Twilight has successfully sucked me in. @tommcfly I now see what you like about it so much. Onto New Moon... #
  • 02:05 Right. I'm gonna go to bed now I think. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow yet...maybe play The Sims for a while! Night night twitterland x #
  • 11:49 Up and about...sort of. I slept much later than normal today which won't help at bedtime tonight! #
  • 13:09 Hm. Had lunch, dunno what to do now. Watching the Hollyoaks omnibus even though I've seen all of this week's episodes... Wanna go out. #
  • 13:40 Gah Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is on ITV2 and I only just found out! >.< I know I have it on DVD, but that's not the point! #
  • 13:55 Hmm. Just downloaded TweetDeck and Twhirl...any opinions on which is better? Twhirl certainly looks better... #
  • 14:10 I want to go to Asda to get some bleach. My dad refuses to move. Damn him. #
  • 14:23 Woop, off to Asda now. #
  • 15:01 On the way home. Got the bleach. Also got Breaking Dawn...not that I'm ready to read it yet of course! Just started New Moon last night. #
  • 15:45 Think I might bleach my hair now and then watch Twilight...while playing The Sims. Maybe. #
  • 16:20 Sat with bleach on my head now. No idea how long it's been on either >.< Hopefully it'll go white though *crosses fingers* #
  • 16:39 Gonna ask on here too - Atomic Pink or Flamingo Pink? Both are quite bright, looking at them in the bottles. #
  • 16:53 Right. Off to wash the bleach off now. Then Virgin Snow will be applied. #
  • 17:07 twitpic.com/6u20y - Me with blonde(ish) hair. Before Virgin Snow. This will not be seen again. I look ridiculous! #
  • 17:20 Okay, Virgin Snow is on. Gonna let it (hopefully) work it's magic and start watching Twilight. #
  • 17:43 Not impressed by Weightwatcher's hot chocolate...think I'll stick with Options. Or Cadbury's. #
  • 17:55 Right. Gonna rinse the Virgin Snow out now. Don't think it's done anything, but nevermind. I'll be Flamingo Pink soon enough! #
  • 20:04 Okay, done with watching Twilight. I liked it okay... I think the book is better though. As with most movie adaptations. #
  • 20:22 I might play The Sims for a while now until Big Brother comes on at least. #
  • 21:09 Think it's time to rinse my hair now. I could wait a while longer, but...can't be bothered, lol. It's been on about 3 hours I think. #
  • 22:21 twitpic.com/6ux6m - Flamingo Pink! =D I think it's brighter than the last one. I like it. #
  • 23:01 I can't decide if I want food or not. Hmm. #
  • 23:46 Hmm. Alex Zane looks good with short hair. #
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  • Anybody play The Sims?? Or know someone who does?

    If so, can you please tell me how many installation discs were included in the Unleashed and Superstar expansion packs? Thanks! =)

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