Emma (orpheous87) wrote,

Tweets of the Day

  • 00:06 Ffs...can anyone reccomend a GOOD cough medicine? The Benylin one I have is rubbish! #
  • 02:38 Going to bed now. Night night twitterland x #
  • 10:26 Up and on my way to tesco for medicine and ribena. I hate being ill. #
  • 13:43 I have to admit, I'm kinda looking forward to the Vipers game tonight. I've not been in ages. Hopefully it'll be good. #
  • 16:03 Waiting for Amy at the station on the way to the Vipers game. Hopefully it'll be good! #
  • 20:56 On the way home now. Game was good. Vipers won 5-4 and Stevie was great as always. #
  • 21:07 Woop! Just had an email back from O2. I now have unlimited texts \o/ #
  • 23:18 twitpic.com/grpe1 - From the game tonight. Bit rubbish, taken with my phone without zoom =( Stevie's in goal though =) #
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